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Hotels in Bogota


260 Accommodations in Bogota

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Hotel Cabrera Imperial Stars

Bogota 5.5 km from city centre Score: 4.5 / 5 59 reviews
from 52

Hotel Sofitel Bogotá Victoria Regia Stars

Bogota 5.3 km from city centre Score: 4.5 / 5 865 reviews
from 57

Hotel Ibis Bogota Museo

Bogota 4.8 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 1286 reviews
from 13

Hotel Viaggio 6.1.7 Stars

Bogota 3.8 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 83 reviews
from 16

Hotel Wyndham Bogota Art Stars

Bogota 954 m from city centre
from 25

Blu Inn Hotel Stars

Bogota 1.8 km from city centre
from 18

Hotel Augusta Stars

Bogota 5.9 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 303 reviews
from 21

Hotel NH Royal Pavillon Stars

Bogota 6.4 km from city centre Score: 4.5 / 5 234 reviews
from 23

Hotel Radisson Ar Bogotá Airport Stars

Bogota 1.1 km from city centre Score: 4.5 / 5 1005 reviews
from 29

Hotel Cosmos 100 Stars

Bogota 6.3 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 402 reviews
from 28

Hotel Estelar La Fontana Stars

Bogota 8.6 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 606 reviews
from 31

Ghl Hotel Bioxury Stars

Bogota 5.4 km from city centre
from 41

Hotel Casa Dann Carlton Bogota Stars

Bogota 6.6 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 468 reviews
from 45

Hotel Click Clack Stars

Bogota 6.3 km from city centre
from 40

Hotel B3 Virrey Stars

Bogota 5.5 km from city centre
from 21

Hotel Habitel Stars

Bogota 4.6 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 887 reviews
from 23

Accommodations in Bogota

The capital of Colombia, Bogotá is located in the center of the country; it is the seat of the three powers of the country, and one of the wealthiest sites in Colombia. The city of Bogotá represents justice, virtue, health and firmness. These qualities emerged during the colonial period and have continued through the Republican period and independence.
Bogotá dates from 1538, although not with its present name: initially the capital of Colombia was known as Santa Fe. Not until the time of independence would it receive its current name it is also referred to as the “Athens of America” by the German geographer Humboldt.
The city can boast of carrying an ample history on its shoulders, as well as serving to support the numerous towns that have since arisen in this region. Bogotá has always been at the forefront of South American development, being for example, the first city in South America to have an airport. Bogotá now has the appearance of a capable city in constant improvement, betting on its ambitious projects and strong infrastructural developments.
The capital of Colombia cannot boast of pleasant year-round temperatures due to its altitude, but this does not limit its role as the country’s main cultural point. Tourism in particular is growing stronger: take a walk down one of its streets full of colonial flavor and see for yourself. Don’t miss the Primary Cathedral of Bogotá, the National Capitol or the Palace of Justice. The “city of the orchid” also contains numerous museums like the Museum of Colonial Art, the Archaeological Museum or the Museum of Bogotá. Don’t forget to visit some of the city’s most distinctive sites: El Dorado Avenue, Renaissance Park, the International Center, the Independence Park, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Library, the university sector and the Gold Museum. This route summarizes the city’s enchantments for the traveler, and provides a window into one of South America’s most historical cities.